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The ceiling: an open canvas that allows you to raise a space above itself

An unpainted canvas

The ceiling often remains an unexplored area for adding some cachet to a living space. However, in the past, people did seem to understand that you could upgrade a home by paying attention to what is above us. Just think of the many decorative rosettes and classic cornices.


Give a room a new lease of life

However, there are also opportunities in store for rather modern interiors. Although you don't have to start painting right away. No, stylish Maestro ceiling panels can be a great alternative to give a living space a completely new lease of life.


Using these panels, you can easily decorate the ceiling with a certain look, such as wood, concrete or marble. The panels themselves are not only very robust, they also excel in ease of maintenance and especially installation. In one day you can simply attach the panels to the wooden slatted grid, in which you can also simply hide the provisions for electricity and lighting. Last but not least, you don't have to spare this privilege for damp rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen, either. After all, Maestro ceiling tiles also come in a moisture-resistant variant!


Good for the environment and your wallet

Due to the attractive pricing of Maestro ceiling tiles - they are available from €16.99/m2 - you will be a lot cheaper off with these tiles than with a pure wooden ceiling or even with a PVC ceiling. And even paint - with a view to good coverage - can still be quite expensive in practice. Add to the ceiling panels the 10-year guarantee and you really can speak of a smart investment. Every Maestro mdf panel also carries a traceable PEFC certificate, a guarantee that for every tree used, a new one is suddenly planted.


5 reasons to choose Maestro ceiling tiles

Quick DIY solution (that can be installed solo)
Hide your cables without breaking
More robust than PVC and stretch ceiling
Also suitable for humid rooms
Hygienic and budget-friendly

Time to go crazy? 

Here you van buy ceiling tiles.



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