Interiors inspired by Calm are permeated with a calm mellowness that derives from living in harmony with nature. Natural materials full of texture have a high wabi-sabi quality: inspired by far-off Japan, they illustrate the beauty of imperfection.


With playful shapes and clean lines, Crisp represents a special urban feel. Soft pastels and striking accents elevate the Scandinavian look to the next level. The Crisp philosophy is all about the fresh, surprising and now: contemporary innovations combined with a feminine aesthetic.


Enjoy an interior full of personality. Romantic interiors evoke mystery without divulging their secrets right away. Eclectic furnishes spaces in layers that have to be discovered one by one. Dark colours and unique objects provide a hint of cosiness and nostalgia.


Elegant simplicity is the essence of Noble: combining opulent marble and gold with white and light woods. Although interiors inspired by this mood are fairly austere and sleek, there is a certain softness in the colours and materials used.


Tasteful, artistically decorated rooms full of natural materials with a retro-modern touch create a sensual warmth. Objects in these interiors have the flair of traditional handmade crafts. The cultural influences of Latin America provide a particularly warm colour palette centred around nature and earth tones.