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Guarantee conditions

Depro Profiles, manufacturer of the Maestro brand and range, gives its customers 10 years of guarantee.


The guarantee period starts right at the invoice date of any Maestro product. Only the person to whom the original invoice is addressed can claim these guarantee conditions.

It is therefore a mandatory requirement to provide the valid original invoice in order to be able to claim any guarantee. Our product guarantee applies only to manufacturing defects, latent manufacturing defects and recognized defects in all materials used during manufacture of our Maestro products. Any defects can only be accepted if all fitting and maintenance have been done in compliance with Maestro regulations. An additional provision is that the surroundings at those locations where Maestro products are fitted must also comply with our installation conditions (f.e. contact with water, levels of humidity, etc.)

It is very much preferred to use a damp cloth for maintenance of our products. When certain products are used for maintenance, these need to be tested first on a piece of not installed panels, so that they can be tested thoroughly for absence of any adverse effects on the Maestro product and subsequently can be used for maintenance. As per usual all processed materials shall be considered as accepted.

Panels with visible defects must never be used and should they be used, then any form of guarantee will become nil and void. All products with visible defects must be returned to our dealer within 14 days after their purchase. After these defect products have been received, they shall be replaced. Any discoloration shall be considered as normal in relation to time lapsed. Small colour differences between the products are inherent to our manufacturing procedures, which is also the reason why we point out in our installation manual to mix up all different packs during installation of our products.

When attaching heavy materials on or to all fitted Maestro products, such as for example light fixtures, clothes’ hangers etc. they must be attached to the support structure and not just to the fitted Maestro products. All defects in terms of manufacturing defects, latent manufacturing defects and recognized defects in all materials used during manufacture of our Maestro products, which are therefore possibly covered by our guarantee, must be reported in writing to your Maestro dealer within 14 days after they have been assessed or reported.

All defect notifications must contain a complete file, which should hold a description of the problem, description of the area in the house where said defect is found, clear pictures of the problem and possible information of when any defects took place. This complete file must also contain our original purchase invoice.

It is quite possible a Maestro expert will drop by in order to better ascertain any problem, after which a report shall be made containing all findings. In case any claim is covered by our guarantee, Depro Profiles shall, at its discretion, either repair any defect for free or supply identical or comparable materials, depending on the options available at that time within the range of existing Maestro products, in order to replace all defect materials.

Any other reimbursement for damages, secondary damages or installation costs is excluded. All costs for removal and replacement of material are to be borne by buyer. If the claim is considered to be inadmissible, Depro Profiles has the right to charge all costs incurred to the party filing the claim. More specifically we are dealing here with inadmissibility because of faulty installation, extreme surroundings, insufficient ventilation, inappropriate tools etc. which are all mentioned in the installation manual.

Our guarantee is a decreasing one, i.e. dependent on the type of guarantee the product is under, the value of the guarantee decreases every year by either 1/10th of the invoice amount.