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5 tips for introducing a bohemian touch to your minimalist living space


1 – Neutral surroundings with a consistent colour scheme.

Your walls, floor and ceiling form the backdrop to your living space, which is why we recommend keeping their colours quite neutral. Remember, light colours enhance the feeling of spaciousness and create a calm ambiance in your home. You can combine the two interior design styles by adding some charming Bohemian accents. Before you start working out your design, you must draw up a colour scheme. You choose a colour scheme made up of a small number of colours that you can use well together. Extend the scheme with colours from the same family, in a variety of shades. Below, we have put together a few examples of our wall and ceiling moods that go well in a minimalist-Bohemian living space.



Maestro designs, from left to right: Clay White, Crystal White, Gloss White, Polar Ash, Uni White, White Lacquered.


2 – Use accents sparingly


It only takes a few subtle Bohemian vibes to brighten up a minimalist room in no time at all. Think carefully about which items you would like to put on display, as too many eye-catchers in one room mean too many distractions.

3 – Go big or go home


To create the calm you crave in your living space, it is important to choose the right pieces. Too many small accessories will make your room look very fussy and it will be much harder to tie in all the different items with one another, so it’s best to choose a number of large pieces.


4 – Combine textures and natural materials

For an understated boho effect, liven up your minimalist space with natural decorative items such as rattan baskets, crinkled linen, patterned cushions and a selection of plants. After all, both these interior styles centre around a love of nature.

Minimalist design is famous for its harmony and simplicity, with lots of sleek lines and symmetry. Adding a few soft cushions and textures will give it that boho flair, creating the perfect balance for more intensity in the space. 



5 – Decoration tip: Dried flowers

Dried flowers and grasses are back - and how! They produce a vintage, romantic look and you can style them in countless ways, which means they’ll look good in any living space. Tie them together for a luscious bouquet of wild flowers, frame them or display them under an elegant cloche. Remember, wreaths to hang on the wall are great favourites right now too. 

Dried flowers keep their beautiful appearance for a long time and don’t need any water, so they’re a very long-lasting choice! 

With these 5 tips, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own Bohemian living space.


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