Do you feel the click?

We are looking for your interior! You looking for ours too?

At Maestro, we do have it in for lovely interiors, and apparently it's a love we both share! Because honestly, surely a beautiful room looks best in a beautiful home that exudes just as much flavour and style as the room itself?


Can you totally relate to this, but is there still one room you would love to redecorate? Then we have a great deal for you. Feel free to call it cross-pollination.


You provide us with a few photos of your home and the room you would like to match with the rest of your stylish home, and we might even pay you a visit to redecorate the room using Maestro Panel. And to take some photos afterwards, of course. Because nice work is worth a look, right? And a photo shoot afterwards, of course!

What should you do?


Make a picture

Your home, you're quite proud of it, but you still dream of taking that one space to the next level. What are you waiting for? Because whether it's a baby's room, office, living room or bedroom, it really only takes one click! Of your camera that is!

TIP: Take your photos wide enough, and from different angles! That way we can estimate the light in your room!


Rise to the occasion

After much musing and dreaming, it's time for action! Provide us with that enlightening photo that can translate to us a bit more about your dream space-to-be, which will fit seamlessly into your already eye-catching and tastefully decorated home! Then we might just let our panel of (pun intended) specialists in on it!


Stand a chance

If your project has the potential to take it to the next level, you might have a chance of getting a team of specialists to come and do the job for you! And a professional photographer, of course, who will capture the whole thing - your home and the refreshed space - beautifully!

A Maestro Panel makeover for your wall

You already have a beautiful interior, but dreaming of a styled wall to add an extra eye-catcher to your space? Look no further! For the launch of our new collection of wall panels, we are looking for some beautiful, bright interiors where we can come and install a stunning accent wall.

If your interior is selected, we will decide together which design will be the best fit for your accent wall. For the products, the installation and the photo shoot afterwards, you only need to open your door, not your wallet!

So do you have a well-styled, light-filled interior, and can you see an accent wall fitting into your space? Then be sure to fill in the form at the bottom of this page, add some photos of your interior, and maybe we'll drop by soon! If your interior qualifies, we will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible!

Register for a chance to win!

Discover the quick and
easy installation

Installing Maestro Panels' wonderful wall panels is so easy that you might wonder why on earth you didn't start before. A slatted grid, some staples or fixing clips, and the necessary finishing strips and that's it! Or, if you are convinced of the character of your home as well as the potential of a particular space, you could of course open your doors to us. Who knows, maybe a skilled hunk or hunkette will soon come and do the job for you!

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